Options 1 and 2 can be ordered individually or multiple for each day (Vegetarian options are in parentheses).

Proteins can be substituted for chicken, beef, or fish.




September 24th-28th



1. Blackened Salmon with Cajun Sauce, Celeriac Puree and Stirfry Vegetables

2. Herb Grilled Chicken with Stewed Fennel and Leeks, over Sorghum

(vegetarian option 1. Blackened Tofu  2. Grilled Cashew Protein)


1. Green Chili Shrimp with Papaya Salsa, Sticky Rice, Hericot Vert 

2. Peppercorn Seared Steak with Garlic Aioli, Broccoli, Roasted Sweet Potato

(vegetarian option 1. Green Chili Plantains  2. Peppercorn Seared Portobello)



1. Maple Pork Chops, Sauteed Zucchini, Baked Beans, Butternut Squash Puree

2. Korean Chicken Skewers, Kimchi Fried Quinoa, Ginger Brussels

  (vegetarian option 1. Maple Walnut Protein 2. Veggie Skewers)



1. Grilled Cobia, Charred Corn, Spanish Millet, Guacamole

2. Turkey Meatloaf with Caramelized Onion, Spaghetti Squash, English Peas

  (vegetarian option 1. Grilled Tempeh  2. Lentil Loaf)



1. Pan Seared Barramundi with Garlic and Capers and Lemon Cashew Cream, Swiss Chard, Rice Pasta

2. Sweet and Sour Chicken with Roasted Cauliflower and Snow Peas

 (vegetarian option 1. Seared Veggie Protein 1. Sweet and Sour Fake Chicken)


*Menu is subject to change based on product availability